1st Day Back

We have had a super day back at school and in some cases our FIRST day in school.

Have a look at the photos of day 1

We had our first assembly today too.

Basically – it’s a fresh start – we aim high and we all do our best for every minute of every day.


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Welcome Back to the Academic Year 16 – 17

A big welcome back to all of our pupils and a HUGE welcome to our new pupils starting in EYFS.

The school building work is completed and it really feels like a new school – new environment that is – but the same focus on keeping our children SAFE, and then focussing on the LEARNING and and doing this in a FUN and CREATIVE way.

A family wrote to me at the end of last year saying “Daily ripples of excellence becomes a tsunami of success“. That’s the aim and it is wonderful that our families understand this and know what a special place this is.

Let’s make every minute count – and have another fantastic year at Lever House.

Remember – we are here to learn, we realise that means we try, we fail, we evaluate, we try again, we fail again, we evaluate again and so on………

As Yoda says..



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Final Assembly 15/16 – Goodbye Mrs Pickervance and Mrs Weaver

Mrs Pickervance is off to grow her family business and Mrs Weaver is off to enjoy a well deserved retirement.  I told the children in assembly today, how lucky they have been to have met, been taught by and share some of their formative years with such outstanding professionals; both kind, loving, strong and wonderful human beings.

In a changing world, they have been rocks in our children’s lives; fiercely defending pupils and their rights and challenging them to be the best they can be… and challenging them to be better than they think they can.

We will miss them both enormously, but we wish them well, success and happiness.

Below is a clip of the assembly – the end section when the words were finished – it turned into a Rick Astley Flash Mob Dance… play it and sing along 🙂


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Sports Day

Well done to all our athletes who competed yesterday in our Sports Day. The overnight rain didn’t have an impact on our competitiveness or enthusiasm – indeed the sun came out to greet us in the afternoon.

The results of the EYFS/ KS 1 event was

Pankhurst (blue) – 139 points

Shakespeare (green) – 129

Shackleton (yellow) – 127

Darwin (red)- 104

The results of the KS 2 event was

Pankhurst (blue) – 274 points

Shackleton (yellow) – 230

Shakespeare (green) – 192

Darwin (red)- 186

The combined scores for thew overall positions was as follows:

Pankhurst (blue) – 413 points

Shackleton (yellow) – 357

Shakespeare (green) – 321

Darwin (red)- 290

Well done for your efforts – and remember, at lever House we are competitive, but we win with dignity and lose with grace.

Thanks to all those who were able to be here to support and cheer on the children.

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The Temporary Classrooms are going!

We are moving into our new classrooms and new entrance this week….. and saying goodbye to the temporary classrooms in our KS 1 playground!IMG_9164

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Tower Wood 16

I was able to get to Tower Wood today as school finished and meet up with our wonderful pupils and fantastic staff. Different groups were either climbing trees, coming back in form the lake or arriving in minibuses from walks in the mountains.

The Tower Wood staff are truly amazing. They lead such exciting tasks which are safe but challenging. I love being here and watching our children excel and lay down memories for life.

I was in time for tea – great scones!!!!

and enjoyed helping out with the evening activities.



I am looking forward to tomorrow and the new challenges ahead.

Head over to the Year 6 blog to keep in touch with all the activities.




Wed morning update! Great breakfast, lunch made and children setting off for another exciting day.

Wish I was in that boat!IMG_6993

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South Ribble Sports Development Dance

the gangeveryone dancesIt is that time of the year again when the whole school learns a common themed dance and then perform it in the school playground with the wonderful South Ribble Sports Development Team.

This year we had lead teachers, high school pupil dancers, the Mayor and Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

Thanks to our dance team who learnt the dance originally, then went on to teach the whole school.IMG_9091

We also had an amazing display of bike handling skills from 2 professional riders, one of whom is a GB team rider…

…and thank goodness too – click below to watch the videos and see why!

He could jump too!

High jump from Lever House Primary on Vimeo.


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Travelling Theatre Visit – Jungle Book

Year 1 and Year 2 pupils have been learning about about animals and their habitats.

So the KS 1 staff decided to invite in a theatre group to perform ‘The Jungle Book’ as a link to our English curriculum.

The theatre group brought in wonderful costumes and scenery and entertained us all for the afternoon – see the video here

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Bringing Books to Life

We bought in an actor from the West End Theatre in London to provide 2 days of workshops bringing books to life through movement and dance. Every class absolutely loved it. This is part of our drive to raise the profile of reading and get children to love books and the entertainment they bring to our lives.

The classes covered the books ‘Gangsta Granny’ and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and ‘Where the Wild Things Are.’

EYFS video click here

Yr 1/2 video click here

Yr 2 video click here

Yr 4 video click here

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The Queen’s letter to school

Her Majesty the Queen was really impressed with the Birthday card we made and sent to her and with all the special celebrations we put on in honour of her 90th birthday.

She has written back to us and I have uploaded photos of the card and letter she sent.Letter from Buckingham Palace


The letter

















and the card

the card

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