Megan meeting Jacqueline Wilson and the Blue Peter crew

Megan had a fantastic opportunity to go to the BBC studio and meet the one and only author Jaqueline Wilson.

As well as meeting Jaqueline Wilson she met the TV presenters of Blue Peter, Radzi and Lynsey. They had an amazing time there.

Megan even got to interview Jaqueline Wilson and here is a clip of her time in Manchester.

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Kaizen Teaching and Learning Conference 18th Oct 17

The Kaizen schools came together for a fantastic T + L conference at Farington Lodge. All the schools gave a 5 – 10 minute presentation on what makes great learning.

The presentations were amazing – common themes to come out were – the use of ‘Agree, Build, Challenge’, Best Mistakes, Learning Pit, Active Pupils, Growth Mindset and Resilience.

We the held a debate on ‘This House believes in Free Speech.’

This prompted a long debate about why free speech allows laws to be written, allows democracy to flourish and people with differing views to see the others’ point of view and come to an agreement.

We also heard why free speech should not be used to say hateful things – which may be offensive when talking about sexism, racism, sexuality or age etc.

The final vote when in favour of the YES – we believe in free speech but should not be offensive.

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A Red Sun over school!

The children were most excited today when they went out for playtime – the sky and light was not the usual colour – everything had a strange pinky /red glow.

Then the sun came out from behind the clouds and it was RED!







BBC weather presenter Simon King said it was due to the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia dragging in tropical air and dust from the Sahara.
The dust has caused light to be refracted and reflected in longer wavelengths, making it appear red.

See here for more info

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Phonics Workshop

Thank you to all the parents and Carers who attended the Phonics/Reading workshop on Wed 11th Oct. Mrs Stalker and Mrs Robson delivered a fantastic session on how children learn to read and the opportunities we provide in school to maximise progress in reading.

We want children to learn to read- so they can read to learn!

We teach Phonics through different Phases – and we want you to be involved in teaching this to your child to read and enjoy it and be confident you are doing it the right way.





Here is a link to our blog which goes into detail about the way we teach Phonics and how you can help –

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Calling Past pupils

Were you a pupil at Lever House? The school has been open since 1969 – so there ave been over 1700 pupils who attended Lever House. That’s a BIG school family.

Now the question is – where are you now? What job did you go on to do? Have you any advice for our current pupils?

Please leave a reply and tell us all about your self and what you did after you left Lever House.


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Writing Award for Ryan

One of our pupils, Ryan in Yr 3, entered a story writing competition through the Animal Care Rescue Centre in Lancaster during the summer holidays and was selected as one of the 6 finalists. 

At the Ball

He wrote a story about his dog (see below), which was adopted from the rescue centre 18 months ago. 

Part of his prize was an invitation to a black tie Charity ball! Ryan was awarded ‘runner up’ and was presented with a goody bag from Animal Care for himself, and an RSPB gift card for £10 for Lever House, by Virginia McKenna OBE.

We are all very proud of him – well done Ryan – and thank you.

Keep up the writing.

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European Day of Languages

To help celebrate the European Day of Languages (26th Sept 2017), Mrs Bautista has been teaching our pupils Spanish. They are engaging in fun active lessons and are picking up the language really quickly!






To learn more about this event – go to


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Welcome Back

We welcomed in the new academic year on Tuesday 5th Sept 2017. It was wonderful to see the new members of our school family start and our other pupils move into their new classes.

All the children look so smart and ready for learning.

After the children had settled into to their new classes – we all met together in assembly. Our assembly focussed on our dreams for the future and what we need to do this year to make those dreams happen.

Some of our Yr 6 pupils explained how they wanted to be accountants, journalists, actors, teachers etc. We then worked back what they will need to do academically (and socially) to be successful in their job choices.

We then went back to see what that means for them this year – what they need to learn and get better at in Reading, Writing, Maths and other curriculum areas.

We then went back and worked out what that means for this year’s learning – this week’s learning and next lesson’s learning. We realised that we need to work hard for every minute of every lesson all year long.

We recognised that our behaviour needs to support our learning and our peers learning. We all wanted Lever House to be a place where we help each other achieve our dreams and support each other as a big school family together; that we need to love one another and look after one another through all that life brings to us this year.

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Learning Outside School – Gymnastics and Dance

One of our pupils in Yr 5 has really done herself proud by firstly qualifying to compete in the IAIGC (International Association of Independent Gymnastic Clubs) WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in America in June.

Then she did herself proud by coming 10th in the world in the combined scores from Vault, Beam, Bars and Floor.

Aaliyah’s mum managed to take a video of her routine on the beam in the competition.

They and we, are so proud of her achievements.

Aaliyah will be competing against the USA and South Africa at this year’s qualification round being held in October in the UK. We wish her well.

Another yr 5 pupil, Alyssa, qualified to compete in the Dance World Cup. She came 2nd in the group Dance and 1st in the Fusion Ballet and team won the overall trophy – well done to you!

Watch Aaliyah’s video here:

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Mandarin at Lever House

Mandarin as the Modern Foreign Language we teach at Lever House. Each year we bring over a Chinese Language Assistant from China to teach our children. This year, we have had Ian – who is wonderful!

Please watch the video of our children learning, speaking and performing in Mandarin.

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