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Welcome to my head teacher blog on the Lever House Primary School Blog site.

I know what a powerful tool blogging can be. I want the best for all our pupils and wider community which make up the family of Lever House.

All our pupils and staff can access the blogging site and we are going to use it in school to make the learning even more exciting and to allow our community to collaborate with an audience from around the world.

Please let us know what you think of our site and if you have any suggestions of how to improve it – please let me know.


10 Responses to About My Blog

  1. Hi Mr Hurst, I have just enlisted the services of our lovely year 1 teacher to get onto this blog. How do you manage to hide it so well from Mr Google?

  2. Hannah says:

    My favorite app is kids picks because it’s fun and enjoyable.You can make doffrent backrounds and animals.

  3. Helen Watmough says:

    Hi Mr Hurst. This is George. Thank you for the Olympic Football tickets. I enjoyed the football. USA won 1-0.

  4. Leanne Bache says:

    This is great, its so good to see all that the children have been learning and all the fun that they are having doing it.


  5. Catherine Hurst says:

    Good luck everyone at Lever House for tomorrow (6th December). I am sure all the staff and children will make us proud of our school and show the inspectors what a wonderful school we have :0)

  6. Helen Watmough says:

    I would just like to say that I have just read your ofsted report and want to congratulate you and all your staff on a great report. You have all worked so hard and I know that the great work will continue. Happy Christmas to you all.

  7. Michael French says:

    Hi Mr Hurst,
    I am Ethan’s dad and would like to thank you for your great school website which is keeping me up to date with what is happening at the school, I have been working away for the past 3 weeks and will be until May. As you can imagine I miss him terrible. These Blogs, Photos and short films you put on here help a little to keep me in touch with how he is doing and helps put a little smile on my face every time I catch a glimpse of him.
    again thank you
    Yours gratefully

    • Mr Hurst says:

      Hi Michael

      Thanks for your kind comment. We love posting to our blog because we want to showcase the great work our pupils do, the fantastic fun learning our staff create and the FUN we have in school.
      We want parents to know what their children do in school and to be as involved in their child’s learning journey as much as possible – so thanks for letting us know it is working 🙂
      John Hurst

  8. Ruth Bibby says:

    Hi Mr Hurst
    I am Ethan’s mum. I attended the Phonics workshop last week and found it very useful and most enjoyable. My husband and I would like to buy Ethan an Ipad so he can take full advantage of all the apps and various websites you provide. Please can you recommend which Ipad we should choose and perhaps the best place to buy it from?
    Many Thanks

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