We welcome in the New Year – 2018

It was lovely to get our school family back together again at assembly on the first day back.
We set out our New Year’s learning intentions in our assembly and the main point to note were:

Our pupils need to be active learners and want to learn, not just sit back passively and hope learning happens.

We want them to be happy – and this may take work too. We want them to actively look after themselves and others – go to bed early, eat well, talk through problems, say kind and supportive things to each other and take an interest in the welfare of everyone at home and at school.

We want them to develop interests outside school – discover those things in life which interest you, helps define you, find what inspires you and helps makes you become you!

My big challenge to all pupils this year was to READ more at home. Many pupils read every day at home but some don’t read at all.

The research is quite clear – there is a direct correlation between those pupils who read more at home and academic performance. The more you read, the more progress you make and the better you achieve in tests.


Pupils should be reading for pleasure from fiction and non-fiction books every day. Don’t forget that your child has a home reading book and a library book from school and each pupil has 4 books assigned to them on the Active Learning Book Club.
Please do read with your child as often as possible and talk to them about the books they are reading in school and about books in general.

About Mr Hurst

I am proud to be the headteacher at Lever House Primary School. I love learning and feel so lucky to be involved in the education of children. I work with wonderful people and am always looking to make things at school fun and exciting. I am an Apple Distinguished Educator and Lever House is the Apple Regional Training Centre for Lancashire West.
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