2016 Yr 6 SATs information

The pupils in Yr 6 will be taking the SATs in May this year and will be tested against the NEW revised curriculum.

There are 2 main changes to the content of the tests and the reporting this year.

Firstly, the SATs will test pupils knowledge of the new curriculum (see link below) which now contains more skills (for example, roman numerals) and harder skills (i.e. the content has increased and the content has become harder to master – skills not usually taught until High School are now in the Yr 6 curriculum).

Secondly, the idea that there is a normal spread of abilities through a class has gone. There used to be an average score/ level, with some pupils achieving above the average and some achieving below the average (in our school the vast majority have historically achieved above this national average). Achieving just below the average was normal / acceptable progress. Now, however, there is no average and every child needs to be at least average in order to have reached the expected standard. Therefore, when you get the results, your child will simply have met the standard or not met the standard in each area.

Please watch this excellent video by Michael Tidd explaining about what is in the tests and when they will be tested.

Click here for a link to a summary of the end of year expectations for each class at Lever House.

Click here for a link to a summary of the curriculum for each class at Lever House.  

Click here for a link to the National Curriculum.

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