New Climbing Frames in Forest School

small climbing trunks

small climbing trunks

I am really pleased to announce that we have installed new Climbing Frames in our Forest School. But don’t think metal or plastic! Our new frames are freshly cut trees which have been safely treated (which should make them last at least 10 years) and then laid down next to Forest School.

They fit in beautifully with our building, keeping Nature at the forefront of what we do and making the front look ‘natural’ or at least full of Nature.

The idea for these climbing frames are that children are allowed to self assess the risk posed by the trunks and branches of the trees, and then challenge themselves to climb, crawl, jump, over, across, under the trees safely but with a real sense of achievement in their actions and the challenges they set themselves.

There are 3 smaller climbing trunks with hand holds and foot holds for the pupils to use. Then there are 2 larger frames consisting of 2 trunks each to allow so much potential for exploration and play.

We will go over basic safety rules (as we did with the Trim Trails) with the pupils who will then be able to access the frames independently.

large climbing trees

large climbing trees

A BIG thank you to the Friends of Lever House who funded this project and to Mrs Macleod who leads our Forest School so well.

Right, off to climb a tree ……….

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