Boys and Writing – Girls and Maths!!!

It is a national problem. Girls usually do better than boys in writing and boys usually do better than girls in Maths in the KS 2 SATs.

Our school usually follows this pattern too.

So……… we aim to do something about it 🙂

We have been looking at ways of getting boys to do well in their writing and have had success in this area.

We feel the way we use our blog and the variety and frequency of text types we use makes a difference. All our writing focuses on the purpose, audience and context of the writing. If we make this purpose a real purpose – really writing to a real person with a real outcome at the end, we feel boys are more engaged and want to do their best writing.

We are going to link our writing even more to mini projects in the future where the outcome of their writing will have an even greater consequence.

More on this soon.

Girls and Maths!

We have started the dialogue with pupils. We have tried to adjust and tweak the way we teach and how we teach maths and we are determined to boost progress in maths.

Today we asked the children about how they learn best and why they think this problem exists nationally. photo 1

Pupil questionnaires on maths and writing next week and then some pupil reviews on their learning in maths and we will be tweaking again !

photo 2 (1)I will let you know what we are doing and the impact it is having soon 🙂


Why do you think this occurs and what can we do about it?

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I am proud to be the headteacher at Lever House Primary School. I love learning and feel so lucky to be involved in the education of children. I work with wonderful people and am always looking to make things at school fun and exciting. I am an Apple Distinguished Educator and Lever House is the Apple Regional Training Centre for Lancashire West.
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