Drama lessons to be won worth £120

Helen O’Grady has offered a voucher to one of our pupils for a term’s free drama lessons at her Helen O’Grady Drama Academy in Leyland (however the offer is not open to any current students). For more information about the Academy click here

All you have to do to win this voucher is……. (you know I love writing)

Tell me why you should get this voucher, why drama is important to you and how the learning you will receive will help you….. simples!

Reply below please 🙂


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I am proud to be the headteacher at Lever House Primary School. I love learning and feel so lucky to be involved in the education of children. I work with wonderful people and am always looking to make things at school fun and exciting. I am an Apple Distinguished Educator and Lever House is the Apple Regional Training Centre for Lancashire West.
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2 Responses to Drama lessons to be won worth £120

  1. Charla yr5 says:

    You can express you feeling and emotions through drama. Also it helps you develop through life during the good and bad times. Also it can help you with acting skills when you are older or maybe in a school play. That is why drama is important to me and that’s why it will also help me with my learning.

  2. harryob says:

    I am not the best at Maths and English but if I do drama I know I can do better. It is also a way for me to make friends and I don’t like I lot of things but I like drama.

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