New School Year

Welcome back to another school year at Lever House. We are all looking forward to an action packed adventure of learning and fun.

The staff have been having INSET this week too – we have been thinking about the kind of place our school should be. We came up with this. What do you think?

A place of learning. A place where you want to be. A safe and a happy place.

A place where children and teachers learn in a positive atmosphere. Where learning is individualised, meaningful and fun. Where learners collaborate with interesting people from around the world.

A place where enquiring minds are challenged, where learners are inspired and where the wonder of learning and the wider world is explored.

A place where all intelligences are equally valued and respected. Where students learn how to learn and are encouraged to learn to their full potential in all areas and aspects of their lives. 

Where the only teaching that is valued is that which leads to learning.

It should at different times be a museum, a zoo, a hospital, a foreign country, an art gallery, a parliament, a meeting place, a laboratory, a cinema, a counselling service, a law court, an archeological site, a sports stadium, a landing site, a farm, a play area, a park, a swimming pool, a safe home, where learning is everywhere.”

Is this what you think a school should be like?

About Mr Hurst

I am proud to be the headteacher at Lever House Primary School. I love learning and feel so lucky to be involved in the education of children. I work with wonderful people and am always looking to make things at school fun and exciting.
I am an Apple Distinguished Educator and Lever House is the Apple Regional Training Centre for Lancashire West.

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