Red Nose “Learning” Day

We are looking forward to our Red Nose day and this year it is a little bit different!

Pupils can come to school in their own clothes (if they pay £1.00!) but then the learning begins. We have invited parents and pupils to lead some of the learning on this day aswell as the staff.

The pupils then have to sign up for which learning they would like to have for which session – a bit like a menu of learning ­čÖé

There are different session to sign up to –

Parents – Mrs Bell – Drawing and Card making;┬áMrs Arthington – Logo design;┬áMrs Shannon – dental┬áhygiene; Mr Jones – Music

Staff and Pupils – Languages; Origami; Comic Life; Sign Language; Cricket/Tennis; Yoga; Magic tricks/ Plaiting hair; Tying Knots; drawing

About Mr Hurst

I am proud to be the headteacher at Lever House Primary School. I love learning and feel so lucky to be involved in the education of children. I work with wonderful people and am always looking to make things at school fun and exciting.
I am an Apple Distinguished Educator and Lever House is the Apple Regional Training Centre for Lancashire West.

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