• Are we looking forward to Christmas?
  •  It can be an exciting and happy time but some people get more unhappy at Christmas.
  • One song about Christmas is a very sad song (even though it ends happily). This is ‘Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer’.
  • The story is sad to begin with. Rudolph has a very red nose and his friends make fun of him. They laugh at him, call him names and won’t let him play with them.
  • But, actually, Rudolph’s red nose, even though it makes him different from the other reindeer, is, in the end, what makes him special.
  • Santa asks him to be the lead reindeer because his nose is so bright and red that he is able to guide the sleigh through the fog.

  • Rudolph’s nose was seen as embarrassing and wrong. But actually it was something which Santa could use. And Rudolph became the most famous of all the reindeers because of his unique red nose.Something similar may be true for us. What makes us different from everyone else is sometimes what makes us special.

  • Remember Phelps from earlier this term?

So Xmas – this year?

Remember it is always about love – everything is.

Make it work. Be nice. Say thank you. Be happy.

Now then….. Christmas Eve – Don’t forget to track Santa at http://www.noradsanta.org/en/

Here is their promo video

and a nice song to finish 🙂

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