Welcome Back

We welcomed in the new academic year on Tuesday 5th Sept 2017. It was wonderful to see the new members of our school family start and our other pupils move into their new classes.

All the children look so smart and ready for learning.

After the children had settled into to their new classes – we all met together in assembly. Our assembly focussed on our dreams for the future and what we need to do this year to make those dreams happen.

Some of our Yr 6 pupils explained how they wanted to be accountants, journalists, actors, teachers etc. We then worked back what they will need to do academically (and socially) to be successful in their job choices.

We then went back to see what that means for them this year – what they need to learn and get better at in Reading, Writing, Maths and other curriculum areas.

We then went back and worked out what that means for this year’s learning – this week’s learning and next lesson’s learning. We realised that we need to work hard for every minute of every lesson all year long.

We recognised that our behaviour needs to support our learning and our peers learning. We all wanted Lever House to be a place where we help each other achieve our dreams and support each other as a big school family together; that we need to love one another and look after one another through all that life brings to us this year.

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Learning Outside School – Gymnastics and Dance

One of our pupils in Yr 5 has really done herself proud by firstly qualifying to compete in the IAIGC (International Association of Independent Gymnastic Clubs) WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in America in June.

Then she did herself proud by coming 10th in the world in the combined scores from Vault, Beam, Bars and Floor.

Aaliyah’s mum managed to take a video of her routine on the beam in the competition.

They and we, are so proud of her achievements.

Aaliyah will be competing against the USA and South Africa at this year’s qualification round being held in October in the UK. We wish her well.

Another yr 5 pupil, Alyssa, qualified to compete in the Dance World Cup. She came 2nd in the group Dance and 1st in the Fusion Ballet and team won the overall trophy – well done to you!

Watch Aaliyah’s video here:

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Mandarin at Lever House

Mandarin as the Modern Foreign Language we teach at Lever House. Each year we bring over a Chinese Language Assistant from China to teach our children. This year, we have had Ian – who is wonderful!

Please watch the video of our children learning, speaking and performing in Mandarin.

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Sainsbury’s Gold Sports Award

Sainsbury’s have given us the Gold Mark Award for Sport.
This is due to the amount of work we are doing in Sports at Lever House. This is a fantastic achievement. We have worked our way through Bronze and Silver and are now on the top step ūüôā

Well done top all the staff and pupils for their hard work and contributions to sport in school and in competitions.

Well deserved.


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Maypole Dance

Our Yr 5 class are hard at work learning some wonderful traditional dances around the May Pole. People have been dancing around the Maypole in the UK and Europe since at least the 1600’s – it feels good to keep this tradition alive and well in Lever House.

And by learning the dances – we are also covering aspects of P.E., Maths, Science, Coding, SMSC, British Values…. and of course, having FUN!

Come and watch our Maypole Dance at the Summer Fair on Sat June 10th 2017.

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Forest School

I have just had a walk through our Forest School at lunch time – it seems the Buttercups are making a push for world domination at the moment!




but the worker bees certainly are not complaining……



and the birdwatchers have noticed that we have a new bird overseeing¬†our pond too….

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Charity Week

Our Yr 6 pupils have excelled themselves yet again. This time it was their work on raising money for their chosen charity in Charity Week.

Our pupils chose a charity close to their heart Рcontact the charity, ask for things to sell or promotion information and then set about creating games, cooking, baking, creating exciting and fun activities for their stalls. Then we invite out parents / carers and wider family into school to play on the games and buy the goodies!

The children spoke at assembly the week before highlighting why they chose their charity and what we could expect during the week. This was a really humbling experience Рthe children chose the charities, often based on personal experience, including losing a much loved relative to cancer for example. They were all determined to do their best and help others, by raising as much money as they could, for their own special / personal reason. Truly wonderful.

Have a look at Day 1 on the Yr 6 class blog and read and see all about it – http://year62017.leverhouse.net/2017/05/16/charity-week-day-1/
or watch the Parents video below:


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I believe that our pupils follow our ‘Lever House’ school rules because they are fair, they¬†helps us learn and¬†they are morally correct.

We write our own rules in school – and are based around the school contract – where we agree how we should behave and how this will effect our learning and the learning of our peers.

Here is an acrostic for Rules – my challenge to you is – can you come up with a better one?



Learning/ Love

Excitement/ Excellence




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RND Learning Day 2017

Today is Red Nose Day  Рwe invited our pupils to come into school as normal, but bring a £1.00 to donate to RND and then to become teachers for the day (or morning at least).

We asked our pupils РWhat will you teach?  What will you learn?

Our children are so talented Рthere is a wealth of skills amongst our pupils Рlanguages, sports, arts and so much more.

Not only do they have a great range of skills – they are great teachers. This resonates with the way we learn in class where teachers often give pupils teaching roles to work together and teach others. The have the language of learning and the mindset to go with it.

Please watch our video of this wonderful day.



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Thinking Day

Thank you to all our pupils who came to school in their Guides, Brownies, Beavers, Cubs or Scouts Uniforms today.

Thinking Day is on 22nd February as it was the birthday of Scouting and Guiding founder Lord Robert Baden-Powell and of Lady Olave Baden-Powell, his wife and World Chief Guide.

Well done to all our pupils who attend these clubs outside of school.

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